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Martial Arts for all the Family

Doncaster Martial Arts Centre have over 20 families that train in Martial Arts. Martial Arts for Families is a brilliant way of keeping a common interest with you and your children. We often see children and parents forming a tight bond between themselves – both learning  from each other as well as their instructors.[phone]Martial Arts For Families[/phone] Whilst the reasons for parents and children vary in them starting Martial Arts in Doncaster, the end result is that they are able to spend quality time with a common interest. something that is sometimes lacking in other sports and activities.

Discounts for Family Members?

We understand that multiple activities for you and your child / children can become a little expensive – which is why we offer a family discount. Where the child is under 16, each additional family member – either brother, sister, mum or dad get their membership at half price. We believe that this is one of the fairest pricing systems around, which is why it is taken up by so many families here at Doncaster Martial Arts Centre.

Can we train Martial Arts together?

Our classes are segregated into child and adult lessons, so the short answer is no you can’t train in the same class. There are however two exceptions:

  • The Family Kickboxing class on a Saturday morning
  • Where the child is advanced and mature enough to join in the adults classes. This happens to a few of our students who are around the age of 14/15 – and that have been training with us for a number of years.

[phone]Martial Arts For Families[/phone] We will be holding a few family day sessions later this year, but as part of the normal day to day classes go – children and adults train separately.

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Want to find out more?

If you would like more information about how to get your family involved atDoncaster Martial Arts Centre, please get in touch via our Contact Page or pop in to see us for a chat and a look around.

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